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We have experienced professionals with extensive expertise in exploration and exploitation projects, specialized workflows and interpretation infrastructure using leading commercial platforms such as Decision Space Geoscience and Petrel-Eclipse.

Mature oil field characterization

We offer a characterization service that integrates all the information acquired during the project life cycle in order to identify remaining opportunities and design exploitation plans (workovers, completions and secondary recovery) that can improve and maintain the production performance of mature fields.

Natural fracture reservoir characterization

We offer a rock mechanics characterization service and a stratigraphic-structural analysis to identify and model fracture corridors and estimate their associated porosity and permeability for the dynamic evaluation of the reservoir performance and the design of exploitation plans that support decision-making and the return of investment to our clients.

Prospect Generation

We offer a service for the identification, delineation and evaluation of structural-stratigraphic traps, defining the internal stratigraphic architecture and modelling the facies distribution, mechanical and petrophysical properties of the reservoir with the aim of delimiting and estimating the associated hydrocarbons volume to design an optimal exploitation plan.

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Training courses and technical consultancy

We offer technical training in the management of interpretation software and customized workflows for reservoir characterization and exploitation activities.

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